Books by Pink Kitchen

We are pleased to announce the release of our newest addition to the Pink Kitchen cookbook series – Pink Kitchen SALADS!

Pink Kitchen Salads contains 27 sassy recipes to put some sparkle in your salad bowl. There are 19 spectacular salads, 6 tangy salad dressings, and 2 vegan cheese recipes – all easy, and all fabulous. We’ll also introduce you to spices and veggies that you may not have been familiar with before. You’ll also enjoy the fun veggie facts included with each salad recipe.

Pink Kitchen SOUPS contains soup recipes ranging from comforting classics to exotic adventures, all designed with ease and good health in mind. Also included are 4 satisfying bread recipes to serve with your soups. Plus, you’ll learn 16 money-saving tips for cooking and eating healthy on a regular basis.

Pink Kitchen SCONES contains 21 luscious scone recipes, from sweet to savory. The best part of all:there’s no sugar added! (We use only fruit and stevia in our sweet scones). These easy-to-follow recipes make a healthy breakfast, treat, or accompaniment to any meal. As an extra bonus, we’ve included special recipes for coffee, tea, and other beverages to enjoy with your scones.

Pink Kitchen PESTOS contains 18 pesto recipes that will help you make 36 different quick, delicious appetizers and meals for all of your loved ones – whether it’s for a holiday, a special occasion, or simply a weekday meal.

These books also make fantastic gifts – not just for breast cancer survivors, but for anyone. Give your loved ones the gift of good health. Ordering the book directly from this website enables Pink Kitchen to donate a portion of the proceeds to various breast cancer charities, so please order by clicking on the picture of either one of the books below.

Once you click on a book, you’ll be asked to create a username on a secured site, much the same as you would when ordering on Amazon.

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