For Your Gluten-Free or Dairy-Free Valentine: Chocolate-Caramel Pretzel Truffles


Salty & Sweet – whoever first put the two of them together was a pure genius.

Even more genius was the inventor of Glutino pretzels. They are one of the few gluten-free snack foods that actually leave me wanting more.

Glutino pretzels also dairy-free! (Note: Although they are dairy-free, Glutino does make other products with milk in them).

Of course, you don’t *have to* use gluten-free pretzels to make these truffles. But if your sweetheart is gluten-intolerant, it’s a relief to know you can still make them a decadent treat. And, these truffles will be popular with both kids and adults.

I always refrigerate my can of coconut milk for at least an hour before using it to make truffles. That way, the thickest part of the coconut milk will be at the top of the can once you open it. That’s the part of the milk that works best when making any type of dairy-free truffles.

Gluten-Free Chocolate-Caramel Pretzel Truffles
(Makes 14-16 truffles)

2 tbsp.canned coconut milk*
(*do not use “light” coconut milk)
1 c. gluten-free dark chocolate chips**
(**notes: if you have no problem with gluten, use whichever kind you like. If you avoid dairy altogether, use vegan chocolate chips)
1/4 c. Earth Balance Coconut Spread
1/4 tsp. natural caramel or butterscotch flavoring
For the coating:
1 c. Glutino pretzels, or your favorite pretzels
optional: dash of coarse Pink Himalayan salt or coarse sea salt (Glutino pretzels are not very salty)

Heat chocolate chips, coconut milk, and coconut spread over very low heat, stirring constantly until chips are melted. Remove from heat and stir in flavoring.

Transfer to a baking dish lined with wax paper. Refrigerate until mixture starts to firm up, yet is still pliable. (Depending on your fridge settings, this takes about 1 1/2-2 hours).

Meanwhile, put pretzels into a food processor and pulse slowly, so that there are still some pretzel chunks left.

Put pretzel crumb mixture into a shallow bowl. Add the dash of coarse salt.

Once chocolate mixture is pliable, scoop out enough chocolate with a spoon so you can make a 1″ ball. Quickly roll the chocolate in your palms to form a ball. Repeat with remaining chocolate.

Roll each chocolate ball into the pretzel crumb mixture until the ball is coated.

Repeat with remaining chocolate balls.

Refrigerate truffles.

Take out of fridge just before serving.

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  1. Posted February 10, 2014 at 2:37 pm | Permalink

    Pretzel with truffle…I wouldn’t expect it, but it sounds so good.

  2. Posted February 10, 2014 at 7:39 pm | Permalink

    Hi, Catherine, the sweet and salty combo is really fun :)

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